The Jewel in our crown is our cocktail menu. Hand crafted by Bar Manager Kinga Wozniak and her team of expert bartenders, the seasonal menu bounces between the latest taste trends  and modern twists on the classics. Browse  our authentic menu here or if you prefer the tried and tested just ask and our bar staff  will be happy to make any classic cocktail to your taste.

If wine is more your thing  take a look at our extensive wine list, offering excellent range of choice and value from vineyards both great and small !



This month we are taking you to Europe’s last remaining primeval forest – Białowieża – a natural habitat for Konik

(Polish primeval horse) and where the grains for Konik’s Tail vodka are sourced. “The primeval Konik is the elusive spirit of the forest. To catch a glimpse is said to ensure a good harvest …” Here at the Pearson Room we would like to believe that drinking our cocktails will bring you luck, too!

Into the Woods
£ 9.90

Konik’s Tail vodka mixed with fresh raspberries, home-made rosemary syrup, fresh lemon juice and a touch of Bitter Truth Violet liqueur.

Botanical Garden
£ 9.90

Konik’s Tail vodka mixed with Campari, bitters and home-made garden syrup (chamomile, lavender, rose, honey & lemon peel).


Spiced Plum Daiquiri
£ 9.50

Bacardi Carta Negra rum mixed with Bramley & Gage Plum liqueur, home-made plum & ginger

French Blossom
£ 10

Le Gin mixed with home-made jasmine syrup, fresh lemon juice, Crème de Cassis and topped

Osaka Chai Tea
£ 11

Nikka From The Barrel whisky mixed with home-made chai tea syrup, fresh mandarin juice, fresh lemon juice and bitters.

Tropical Passion
£ 9.50

Bacardi Carta Blanca rum mixed with fresh passion fruit, pineapple juice, passion fruit syrup, fresh lime juice and topped with Passoa liqueur and soda water.

Purple Rain
£ 9.50

Bombay Sapphire gin mixed with St. Germain elderflower liqueur, Giffard Ginger of the Indies liqueur, Bitter Truth Violet liqueur, fresh lemon juice and lychee juice.

Vintage Pistachio
£ 9.50

U’luvka vodka mixed with Antica formula, pistachio syrup and bitters.

Winter Cobbler
£ 9.50

Dried cranberries infused Courvoisier VS cognac mixed with Crème de Mûre, cranberry juice, lemon

City Sunset
£ 10

Appleton VX rum and Cinzano Rosso mixed with banana syrup, fresh lemon juice and chocolate bitters.

Chocolate & Chilli Martini
£ 11

Chipotle Chilli Arbikie vodka mixed with Crème de Cacao liqueur, Antica Formula, fresh orange

Mediterranean Whisky Sour
£ 9.50

Fresh oregano leaves infused Gentleman Jack whiskey mixed with Maraschino liqueur, fresh lemon

Blazer (served hot)
£ 9.50

Chateau Du Breuil Fine Calvados, Appleton VX rum, Mirto liqueur mixed with home-made ginger syrup and berries.

Camillo & Ros
£ 9.50

Dried roses infused AquaRiva Blanco tequila, Cinzano Rosso and Campari.


Prosecco, Sacchetto, Veneto,
£ 7.50 / 32

Italy NV

Laurent-Perrier, Brut, Champagne
£ 10.50 / 58

France, NV


Le Campuget, Grenache Viognier
£ 5.50 / 7.50

VdP du Gard, France

Sauvignon Blanc Cousino Macul
£ 7 / 9.50


Parellada Xarello Macabeu
£ 9 / 12.50

Blanc De Pacs, Spain

Picpoul de Pinet, Tournee
£ 6.50 / 9

Du Sud, France

Chardonnay 14 Hands
£ 8.50 / 12

Washington State, USA

Gavi di Gavi La Minaia
£ 10 / 14

Piedmonte, Italy


Le Campuget, Syrah Grenache
£ 5.50 / 7.50

VdP du Gard, France


Le Campuget, Syrah Viognier
£ 5.50 / 7.50

VdP du Gard, France

Pinot Noir Buis D`Aps
£ 7.50 / 10.50

Vignerons Ardechois, France

Malbec, Alto Molino
£ 9 / 12.50

Piatelli Vineyards, Salta, Argentina

Grenache Noir
£ 7 / 9.50

Casa Mariol, Spain

Nero D’Avola La Marza
£ 8 / 11

Feudo Montoni, Italy

Shiraz, Kelly’s Last Wish
£ 10 / 14

Central Victoria, Australia


Moscato d’Asti, M.Chiarlo
£ 26

Veneto, Italy (37.5cl)

Maury Grenache
£ 36

France (50cl)

Tokaji ‘Cuvée Sauska’
£ 49

Hungary (50cl)

La Fleur d’Or, Sauternes
£ 10 / 35

Bordeaux, France (37.5cl)

Il n'est Pas Trop Tard Campuget
£ 40

Viognier, Rhône, France (50cl)


Smoked almonds
£ 3.50
Homemade focaccia, olive oil & balsamic vinegar
£ 3.50
French fries or sweet potato fries
£ 4
Mac n Cheese
£ 4
Padron peppers
£ 4.50
Hummus, pita bread, crudités
£ 5
Sausage roll, cranberry sauce
£ 5
Buttermilk chicken, chipotle mayonnaise
£ 5
Cheeseburger sliders
£ 8.50
Crab toast, lemon aioli
£ 8.50
Mammoth olives
£ 3.50
Tomato salsa bruschetta
£ 3.50
Wild garlic, spinach arancini
£ 4
Avocado salsa, tortillas
£ 5
Buffalo chicken wings, blue cheese dip
£ 5
Lamb kofta, coriander yogurt
£ 5
Bite size fish & chips
£ 8.50
Pretzel fried squid, jalapeño mayonnaise
£ 8.50
Smoked salmon blinis
£ 8.50


Meat Platter
£ 32

Lamb kofta, coriander yogurt Sausage roll, cranberry sauce Cheeseburger sliders Buttermilk chicken, chipotle mayonnaise

Fish Platter
£ 32

Smoked salmon blinis Chili garlic prawns Bite size fish & chips Pretzel fried squid, jalapeno mayonnaise

Vegetarian Platter
£ 28

Padron peppers Hummus, crudités, pita bread Wild mushroom arancini Veggie burger sliders, smoked chili jam

Cold Cut Platter
£ 30

Selection of Italian cured meats Rosemary and garlic focaccia

Don’t forget to add fries! Your choice of French or Sweet potatoes for only £4